Montreal corrugated box manufacturer
Montreal Pizza Boxes
Durabox offers solutions for corrugated paper boxes, whether its a standard box or custom design.

Die Cutting
Custom Box Design
Graphic design
Durabox enhances its service to its customers by means of logistical packaging concepts, high-quality printing and new product development. This provision of a total service to the customer can be bundled in the Durabox Paper Inc. Solutions Concept, which further strengthens our position in the marketplace.

Durabox Paper Inc. is committed to the community in which it operates and serves. That is why we have designed different social responsibility programs, based on the company's core values and mission. more...
We believe that employing sound environmental strategies and policies contributes to our competitive strength and benefits our shareholders, customers, employees and society. more...

corrugated pizza boxes
We manufacture and sell to wholesalers corrugated pizza boxes and other food packaging products.
corrugated meat boxes
For meat storage and shipping ground or processed meats. Vent slots provide air circulation when refrigerated. Furnished flat.
die cut boxes
We can supply custom die cut boxes with high degree of accuracy, size, flexbility and consistency.
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