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We manufacture and warehouse millions of finished corrugated pizza boxes!

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As our core product, corrugated pizza boxes are at the forefront of our product offerings. We manufacture and warehouse millions of finished corrugated pizza boxes available to be shipped to any of our authorized distributors within a 48-72 hour turnaround.

In stock sizes include 8” up to 18” with every size in between. As our growing customer base requests additional sizes, we add them to our portfolio of products. We are the only company in North America dedicated to serving this market.

All Durabox corrugated pizza boxes are produced using the finest North American prime paper available. Our board strength is of unique grade to the industry. We have specially chosen different basis weights of raw material to arrive at a board strength of 23ES (extra strength) ECT or 125ES (extra strength) mullen. This unique formulation ensures that customers get a strong, heat retaining, grease resistant and cost competitive box.

As different markets harvest different needs, Durabox has different cuts of pizza boxes being offered. Through extensive market research, we have custom designed pizza box configurations for each specific territory we sell in.



Durabox offers solutions for corrugated paper boxes, whether its a standard box or custom design. 

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